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JASPAR database 2018 release

We are happy to announce the seventh release of JASPAR database, as JASPAR 2018. This latest release comes with a hundreds of new/updated profiles as position frequency matrices (PFMs) and TF flexible models (TFFMs), and also several other features.

Below are the highlights of this release:

  • Added 322 new PFMs (60 for vertebrates and 262 for plants)
  • Updated 33 PFMs were (24 for vertebrates, 8 for plants, and 1 for insects)
  • Added 316 TFFMs (95 for vertebrates, 218 for plants, and 3 for insects)
  • This release comes with clusters of similar PFMs in each taxon and each TF class per taxon
  • Comes with UCSC Genome Browser track data hub containing genome-wide binding site predictions for TF profiles in the JASPAR CORE vertebrates collection
  • Introduced a completely new web framework with an interactive and responsive user-interface
  • Introduced a RESTful API to retrieved data programmatically

The data are available on the JASPAR website, via the REST API, and in the downloads section.