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MF0001.1 ETS class MA0026 MA0028 MA0062 MA0076 MA0080 MA0081 MA0098
MF0002.1 bZIP CREB/G-box-like subclass MA0018 MA0089 MA0096 MA0097
MF0003.1 REL class MA0022 MA0023 MA0061 MA0101 MA0105 MA0107
MF0004.1 Nuclear Receptor class MA0007 MA0016 MA0017 MA0065 MA0066 MA0071 MA0072 MA0074
MF0005.1 Forkhead class MA0030 MA0031 MA0032 MA0033 MA0040 MA0041 MA0042 MA0047
MF0006.1 bZIP cEBP-like subclass MA0019 MA0025 MA0043 MA0102
MF0007.1 bHLH(zip) class MA0004 MA0006 MA0048 MA0055 MA0058 MA0059 MA0091 MA0092 MA0093 MA0104
MF0008.1 MADS class MA0001 MA0005 MA0052 MA0082 MA0083
MF0009.1 TRP(MYB) class MA0034 MA0050 MA0051 MA0054 MA0100
MF0010.1 Homeobox class MA0008 MA0027 MA0046 MA0063 MA0068 MA0070 MA0075 MA0094
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